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Valentine's Day Fundraiser

By, Garage of Blessings


Ordering is Easy!

  • Just $11.50

  • Pay Online w/ Any Credit Card

  • Receive an Email from us with a form to fill out:

            *Name of Recipient

            *Address of Recipient

            *Message to Recipient in Card

Your Valentine will receive carefully handmade

chocolate decorated truffles in a beautifully decorated box:

 The ribbons will vary in color according to our supply.

* * *

The Garage of Blessings "Cupid" will surprise your Valentine at work, school, on base, in the hospital, retirement home, or right at home with a fresh edible box of sweets delivered directly to them.

Keep it a secret!  Only Cupid will know who's being "targeted!"

(Gift Box is pictured above.)

100% of this Valentine's Day Fundraiser will benefit the Garage of Blessings

overhead costs of rent and utilities to continue keeping our doors open & lights on.

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