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Garage of Blessings was founded in early 2012.  After following a calling to make an impact on her Community, Kristiina Miller and her family would take items that were donated by others, set them up in their home's double car garage, and invite people to come and take what they needed with no strings attached, everything free of charge. 

After only four months of giving, the incoming donations exceeded the capacity of her garage and even her neighborhood.  Now, seven moves (because of growth) and 10 years later, the Garage of Blessings is serving its community and beyond in 6,000 square feet.

Before the pandemic, Garage of Blessings currently served over 3500 individuals and took in an estimated 700 individual loads of donations each month (adding up to thousands of bags/boxes).  After reopening in in the Fall of 2020, we became 100% volunteer run.  We have scaled back our hours to ensure the safety of patrons and staff during the pandemic, but our volunteers continue to serve the community. 


Everything is organized and run smoothly by a team of volunteers who make sure shopping at the "Free" Garage is a treat for everyone that comes through the doors. 

Garage of Blessings is a place where all are welcome.  Donations go to those in need, in a variety of ways.  Shoppers include single mothers & fathers, those seeking to start over after escaping abuse, men and women of the United States Navy (we are located near Naval Air Station Whidbey Island), our neighbors, those who need a little extra help to make ends meet, and you.

Our goal is to serve those in need.  That may be with tangible items or food for those whose heart needs a little extra kindness and/or direction.  The volunteers are here to bless, to listen, to touch people's hearts and to make those less fortunate feel that they are cared about. The Garage is about neighbors helping neighbors, families helping families in need.

The Garage of Blessings is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

100% Volunteer Run


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