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Mondays 11am - 2:00pm

If you wish to donate nonperishable food, we will gratefully accept food donations any day we are open, Monday- Friday 11am-3pm.


Garage of Blessings has always had some nonperishable food available to the community, on a shelf in our free thrift store. These offerings came from generous community donations.

This blessing of food evolved and expanded in the Fall of 2020 when we reopened. At the same time the food pantry got it’s official name and current location at the back of the Garage. Shortly after, the Garage set up Monday Food Pantry hours.

Jayne joined the Garage of Blessings in 2021 and now manages the food pantry. It has bloomed in its offerings over the last year. Jayne and her assistants work hard to offer a full pantry of food for its patrons.  What we have available varies from week to week, depending on what donations we get in. Jayne often makes up bags of yummy but healthy snacks for the kids who come in with their parents. If a person experiencing homelessness has special needs like a coat, sleeping bag, socks or something else, Jayne will work to find them what they need. 

The pantry has grown in the last 10 months, to serve over 30 families a week. Jayne or another volunteer is there during the pantry shopping hours to ensure that the food is fairly distributed and all who come are blessed. 


The success of our food pantry would not be possible without your generous donations! If you would like to help, you can drop off food donations anytime we are open, Monday-Friday 11am-3pm.

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