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Tuesday, Thursday 11am-3pm
We take donations to our food pantry anytime we are open!!
4/15/22: Due to limited volunteer staff & floor space, we are currently limiting donations to 6 boxes or bags. Come join our team of volunteers! We'd love to have you! 

As long as we are open and have floor space available, your tangible donations are welcome! 


Items which are donated to the Garage of Blessings get processed by our volunteers to be sure they are in good working order. Then they can go onto our shopping floor, or to help with our fundraising efforts (to keep our doors open), or get shared with other nonprofits if we don't have a place for them. If you have a particular request for your donations (for example that they be used for a special event, or not to be used in fundraising), we will make every effort to accommodate you!

Our "free store" takes incoming donations that are in clean, usable condition including:  Housewares, Clothing, Electronics, Books, Media, Baby Items (no cribs or carseats), Hardware, Emergency Food, Crafts and so much more.  Please keep in mind that we do NOT take furniture or child car seats.  Call ahead with any "furniture" type questions.

We currently do not have the ability to pick up donations. We will post here again when that changes. 

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