Operation School Clothes 2019

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Each year, Garage of Blessings works hand in hand with Opportunity Council of Oak Harbor in helping to bless hundreds of low income students for their first day of school.  We gather size information on the students (K-12) and then match up Sponsors (you) with students in need. 

It's Simple... as 1, 2, 3 & 4!


1.  Sponsor one or more students by emailing us at info@garageofblessings.com

2.  Wait for an email from us with the information of your student(s).  Please be 

     patient with us as we can only send out the info as the students turn it in.

3.  Purchase *EITHER a new pair of shoes OR a new first day of school outfit.

     (you're welcome to include more than one item (ex: socks, a 2nd outfit or a 2nd pair of shoes,

      but this is not required as we make this sponsorship easy & affordable for everyone).

4.  Return it to Garage of Blessings no later than Tuesday, August 20th at 630pm

     for the student give-away!

*Students do NOT give us sizes for both shoes & clothing.

They give us their sizes for one or the other.

This allows many more sponsors to get involved.  Our goal is to not make

the cost of having to purchase both shoes & clothing for one student a burden on anyone wanting to be involved in this very special Operation.

No need to wrap it, we'll make each bag special with the name of each student.

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